Have you awoken to a world gone crazy and need a place to nourish your soul and feel deep nurturing?

Sister, you are home.

Join a group of amazing women from around the world as we take off into a retreat which is totally online. This means, no organising travel or paying a fortune to stay in luscious surroundings (although those images do feel good!).

This is a retreat where you can give yourself permission to lock the door on your Sacred Space and put a sign up showing your loved ones that you are taking time away from them, to make their world better by being refilled with vital energy and self care points, when you return.

So go ahead and sign up if you feel drawn to immerse yourself in 12 days of time out. And it’s not even 12 days, it’s an hour a day for 12 days.

Each day you’ll receive a mini workshop right into your inbox without you needing to search for a site or log in to a page.

If it is a preference for you to not receive emails, please join our fabulous group celebration on facebook Awakening Women Online Retreat each day we will upload our mini workshop videos, starting a few days before our celebration begins to give you an idea of what goodies to have nearby for the retreat.

Did I mention this is a FREE celebration?

Feel free to share with other women you feel may need some nurturing.

Our retreat will commence on the Spring Equinox of the Southern Hemisphere – 23 September, 2017 and run for 12 days. This is also an amazingly special time of the Autumn Equinox for our Northern Hemisphere sisters.