Join in the celebration here!

Check out the Schedule page after you sign up so you can see the sessions already passed:


Hello amazing and fabulous lady!

You have found your way to our Awakened Woman Online Retreat.

This is a 12 day retreat where you don’t have to leave home, no need to spend money, no need to find a sitter.


Make a retreat space for yourself. Maybe in the shed, or a spare room, or outside in the open air (my personal favourite).

Gift yourself a colourful sign “I’m in TIME OUT” and put it on your retreat space door or wear it on a tee shirt.

Our retreat is a cocreation of fabulous women from around the world.

To subscribe, enter your email address on the page.

OR, if you don’t want another email going to your inbox, head on over to our facebook page and join up here

Our first session will be on the Southern Spring Equinox – 23 September.

Before than, we are creating a Shamanic Senses Journal to help us capture our deepest inspirational moments. So watch out for that video on the 20th of September.

I’m putting an invite out to you to join us in a Zoom room to create the Shamanic Senses Journal. If you would like to be part of that workshop, please let me know through the facebook page

10 Replies to “Join in the celebration here!”

  1. Hi
    Im very excited to begin this journey, my only concern is I’m a shift worker and may miss some of the days if it is at a set times. Thank you 💜


    1. Hey there lovely! The retreat will be sent out for you to watch whenever you can, it’s not a live broadcast throughout. You’ll have plenty of your own time to relax and enjoy in however fits in with you. Yay. 🙂 Amanda


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