Inspiration and giveaways

Hello fabulous, enlivened ladies!

Retreat is starting in six weeks! Yay. Share the retreat with your friends (link at the bottom) and use the hashtag below to be a winner for five amazing giveaways we have.

I would like to introduce how I came about the idea for this retreat.

In June, I was overwhelmed by the state of the world, more destruction than the Earth could handle and not enough people awake enough to recognise it or care beyond their own survival or convenience. I started to spiral down into darkness.

How do I save a world that doesn’t recognise there is a need to be saved?

It seemed as though my Angelic Guides smiled on me when one of my amazing friends sent me a link to the Women’s Unleashed Retreat, by Amber Kuileimailani Bonnici, which was due to start in a few days. I signed up straight away.

Throughout the whole retreat I felt a high vibrational level that I easily tap into again and again on a daily basis when I my vibration sinks to meet the sadness of the world. When I need inspiration, I grab out my Woman’s Unleashed Journal and smell it, read it, remember the way I felt throughout it.

Of course that is a Scolecite Crystal attached to my journal. What else would it be? Lol

I wanted EVERY WOMAN in the world to feel as amazing as I did at that time, so I started thinking about how I could pull one together myself. Then I got a tad despondent at the thought that I wouldn’t have any best selling authors or famous people and then I remembered – we ALL start somewhere and I know some of the most fabulous undiscovered women in the world already. It was a rollercoaster of yay, aww, yay, aw, yaaaay.

I started emailing women who I had worked with personally through our crystal healing workshops and who have gone on to make amazing transformations through their ability to tap into their own super powers. I was astounded that many responded positively and wanted to join in. It wasn’t the right timing or energy for others which I totally understand and honour.

I was missing a few session guides so I just put it out there to women who were making a difference on Instagram and Facebook and many also responded very positively. Yay.

So here we are six weeks out and our session guides are working hard on their offerings for you all.

Did I mention this is a totally free event?

Before the retreat starts we’ll be sending out a video on goodies to gather for our Shamanic Senses Journal.

Now to the exciting part! The more women we can reach and inspire to a place of beauty and inner healing, the more we can influence the collective world into co-creating  high vibrational living. (sidenote – what is high vibrational living? My personal truth is it is when we are in a space of living in our own synchronicity and feeling inner peace and fabulousness, we are operating on high vibes).

As part of our celebration, we are offering giveaways of a few amazing things normally experienced on a self-nourishing retreat:

  • Books, self-care packages and more.

I’m also offering two spaces to my Shamanic Moments Workshop later in the year. Yay!

How to be part of that?

Share your thoughts on the upcoming retreat with your friends and social media outlets.

Here is the link they can go to and join the celebration:

Here is the facebook group they can join:

And here is the hashtag to use so I can find you when I am searching for our winners: #awakenedwomanonline

If you have any questions or just want to share how excited you are either hit me in the facebook group or email me at

And Yay sister! Let’s do this. 🙂


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