Invitation for Shamanic Senses Journal Zoom Room

As our retreat date moves closer and our session guides are busy preparing their offerings and our recordings are coming together, I can feel the immense excitement building inside me.

An excitement that women are coming together to awaken and be more aware of themselves and their surroundings and to step into their true role as Sacred Protectors of our land and our feminine powers.

This Saturday, 2nd of September, a lovely collaboration of women are coming together to record the retreat session for our shamanic senses journal and I would like to invite you to be a part of that recording.

We will gather our creation lovelies (books, colouring goodness, items from nature) and work together to bring a journal to life for the retreat. Our amazing collaboration Goddess, Danie May, will be guiding us through a Red Thread initiation as part of our retreat so we stay connected to each other in the Spirit of Sisterhood and also taking us through a grounding page exercise.

If you would like to be part of that session, click here and let me know so I can send you an email invite for the zoom room. (In case the link doesn’t work or you don’t like to click random links, please email me at

Please indicate whether you would like to be seen or unseen by the recording camera and also if you would like to heard or unheard for the recording. 🙂 Yay

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