Welcome Ladies!

Hello beautiful ones!

Thank you. I am blessed for your presence.

This video is an introduction to how the sessions will run, what sessions we are offering and talks about some of the giveaways occurring.

It also sets out the things you’ll need or might like to gather for the Shamanic Senses journal video which will be released tomorrow.

Each of the sessions will be emailed out at 6am Australian Eastern Standard Time (AEST), (HST: previous day 10am) (PDT: previous day 1pm) (EDT: previous day 4pm) (BST: previous day 9pm)

A link to the video will be posted in the Facebook group at 8am (AEST). (HST: previous day 12pm) (PDT: previous day 3pm) (EDT: previous day 6pm) (BST: previous day 11pm)

If you have any feedback or comments, please feel free to email me at shamanicwomanslife@gmail.com



Thank you

Amanda Heartsong!

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