Shamanic Senses Journal

Welcome home sister, to support and nourishment from the Earth and from women who are awakening in the world.

Before going on any journey, I like to find a journal that will suit the adventure I’m heading towards. Some journals have cost many dollars and some have been 50c last minute/can’t find anything else writing pads that have served an amazing purpose.

We are going to start to really expand your world now outside the four walls of the world you know so well. Are you ready to explore??

To gather your materials for this journey, will be a healing adventure in itself. Materials and all you need to know are below to the video. Afterwards, head over to the Facebook page and pop in piccies of your newly created journals and let us know why you’ve been called to awaken.

Essential for this session:

Notebook of any kind.

That is your basic single requirement. I understand that time is an issue for many of us, so if that is all the energy you can expend – then I love you and I thank you so much for doing that, because it is enough.

If you would like to take it further here are some basic supplies you might grab or have.

Basic Craft/Art supplies such as:

Glue, scissors and colourful stuff. Choose either pencils, textas, crayons or anything your kid has lying around that is easily accessible. You can also choose all of them.

To go a step further and really bring more elements of joy into your retreat experience here are some more suggestions:

5 Physical Senses Elements:

Smell: A beautiful scent, essential oil, rub an onion over it, pop a squirt of soap etc anything that smells super good to you that will remind you that you are in a space of relaxology when you pick up your journal each day. My favourite for journaling is Ylang Ylang.

Sight: Colours, magazines to cut up, pretty things like ribbons or bows.

Taste: You’re not going to need to eat your journal, but adding something that reminds you of deliciousness is always awesome when on retreat. I like to add garlic peels because garlic just reminds me of the ultimate health. You could add foil from chocolate.

Hearing: We are going to scrunch pages up during our shamanic senses workshop so each time you pick up your journal to come on retreat you will hear the crinkle and know that fun is about to happen.

Touch: If you have impasso to add height to your paint, that can be a nice touch. Also, I have glued tiny crystals to journals, you can also wrap yarn around the centre pages if you like the feeling of wool.

And here is the challenge pieces. The Shamanic elements.

This is where you get to set off and be an adventurer, into the wilds of nature. All of the elements, energies and direction location are the way I have come to learn the directions, they may mean different things to you, please stay with your basic inner truth. 🙂

Elements of the Direction of the East.

This direction to me represents morning, birth and spring. This is the first direction I call upon when I do daily Sacred Drummings of Gratitude in my medicine circle. This is also the direction of the Mental Body and the Element of Air. So things you might look for to add to your journal are feathers, you might burn some sage and waft the smoke onto the pages. You will know what works for you here. Or other elements that remind you of spring, birth and morning.

Elements of the Direction of the South.

This direction represents midday, youth and summer and is also the direction of the Emotional body and Water. Elements you may want to include here are images of water, water lillies, water itself painted on your journal or things that evoke a major emotional response (make them good vibes!). Or other elements that remind you of midday, youth or summer.

Elements of the Direction of the West.

This direction is one I have really become comfortable with, as I feel I am living it. It is the direction of Autumn, twilight and introspective years. I also associate this direction with the spiritual body and fire. Crinkly leaves automatically come to me for this one, or big beautiful pictures of fire. What comes to you?

Elements of the Direction of the North.

This is a direction I really struggled with, but since I have found peace in the temporary nature of everything, is one I no longer run from. It is the direction of Midnight, Winter, wisdom and death. You may find that bare twigs call to you, or black paint. This is also the direction of the Earth element and the Physical body.

Element of Above.

This is my connection to Father Sky, Sun Singer, Rain Bringer, Moon Maiden and Cosmic Intelligence. Since everything on earth is made from sunshine, you could include anything from the natural world.

Element of Below.

My closest ally. My connection to our great Mother Earth who gives me my body, my food, my life. Again, any natural element could be used here.

The centre of my being.

This is the last direction I Hail when I do my drumming. This is the centre of my being where I am united with all of life, all of nature, all of creatures and our creator. For me, our creator is encompassed by everything, it is not one man, it is All. This is the way I saw it during my Near Death Experience and that understanding helped me really see that we all view our creation and our creator in our own way. Please stay with your own inner truth for this. The centre of my being is Me. My Soul. My Love heart. The place where all that I am is stored and emanates from. So for this element, choose something that really represents who you are in your very core.

Well, I certainly thank you for making it this far sister.

Gather up your items and we will take an adventure together to create our journals for the retreat.

This journal was totally inspired by the amazing Catt Gellar’s Smashbooks! If you would like to learn more about Smash booking, check out Catt Z and her Cosmic Smashbooking

If you miss any sessions throughout the retreat please check out our Schedule Page.


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