Be the BEST you that you can be – an Intentional Creativity Session

Hello ladies on retreat!

Creativity Reigns today! We are going to feel some fire in our bellies after this session.

Grab your favourite beverage, Shamanic Senses Journal, and for today, we are doing a dedicated creativity session and we’ll need a couple of glued pages in our journal (or 2 single sheet of art paper), paint palette with 5-10 colours, a pencil, permanent marker and acrylic paints. Maybe grab a towel to put under your creation space too. 🙂

Today’s session is going to take you on a journey to being the BEST you that you can be.

Our amazing session guide is Tania Michelle Magennis from South Gippsland, Victoria bringing her wisdom and creativity.

Here, below the main video, is a journey of exploration through a skit, in which Tania portrays Her Muse and Her Inner Critic. So powerful, I was in tears.

After the video, come and join us in our facebook group and share your journal images and thoughts on today’s sessions and inspiration you have received. Use the hashtag #Muse so she can find you.

TANIA MAGENNIS is an Artist and a Facilitator for those who seek to develop empowerment through the act of being creative. She has a background in Primary Teaching and has been painting on canvas since 1998 using her colourful acrylic paints that she regards as friends.​

Tania also does felt making, mixed media projects and art journalling. She uses her painting as a spiritual encounter and meditative practice to promote her own sense of wellbeing, expression and happiness. She uses many different types of symbology in her work and often makes references to ancient myths from a variety of cultures, archetypal and Goddess images and totem animals.​

Tania sees herself as a global citizen and custodian for Mother Earth and all her children. She has a great desire to promote the concept of Deep Ecology and the interconnectedness of all living things.​

Tania provides face-to-face painting workshops as well as online offerings. She sells her original work and prints online as can be seen here.

Meet up with Tania at her beautiful website Or click here.

We are giving away some amazing goodies throughout this series, so to be in the running to receive part of this abundance all you need to do is share the retreat with your friends, sisters, mums, women you know who may benefit!

Share this site:

and use the hashtag #awakenedwomanonlineretreat

Or invite them into the facebook group here.

If you’ve missed any session, come and check out the Schedule Page.



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