SH*T Free Revolution! Join us to embrace and release the sh*t!

Hello ladies on retreat!

Put up a sign “I’m in Time Out!”

Grab your favourite beverage, Shamanic Senses Journal, creation lovelies – Tombows, Textas, pencils, watercolours, paint or whatever calls you – and settle in to journey with us.

Today’s session is going to take you through a process to help you release some of that baggage that has been hanging around for years! Grab a drink for this one.

Our amazing session guides are Sandra Meehan and Rebecca from the Sunshine Coast in Queensland. These real and authentic ladies take us on an in depth journey to clearing life times of sh*t. Below the video are details on how to connect with them for a session with the Egyptian Pantheon.

After the video, come and join us in our facebook group and share your journal images and thoughts on today’s sessions and inspiration you have received. Use the hashtag #shitfree so we can find you. Add your thoughts on how your power was taken away and share images of the gifts the Gods and Goddesses of the Egyptian Pantheon shared with you.

Sandra Meehan is the founder and main driving force behind the House of Ra, which was established in early 2013, and aslo combines the wisdom of her daughter, Rebecca Bowden, who is a beautiful and gifted Light Language channel. The House of Ra is a leading holistic practice which offers an effective and unique experience with complementary products to enhance the spiritual and personal growth of the Souls who join for a healing journey.

You can connect with the House of Ra here.

We are giving away some amazing goodies throughout this series, so to be in the running to receive part of this abundance all you need to do is share the retreat with your friends, sisters, mums, women you know who may benefit!

Share this site:

and use the hashtag  #awakenedwomanonlineretreat

so we can find you;

or invite your friends over to the party in the facebook group.

If you’ve missed any sessions, take a peek at our Schedule Page.

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