Healing with the Chakras and Crystals and Tuning in to your innate wisdom and inner knowledge with Jemma.

Ladies, crystals are some of my favourite things to talk about! How about you?

Today’s session guide, Jemma, takes us through our energetic system and gives us valuable insight on how to heal naturally before symptoms begin.

From Jemma: Our body is constantly talking to us. When problems arise, or ill health presents itself this is often an indication of an underlying emotional imbalance or energy blockage in the energy body. Illness, or repeated patterns and scenarios are our bodies way of getting our attention so we can become aware of what needs healing, integrating or releasing. These blockages can stem from unresolved issues or traumas from our past or that are replaying in the subconscious and calling out for our attention and can go as far back as when we were children.

By learning to tune into the Chakras and energy body, we become more attune to ourselves, release blockages and shift our inner world to create a more harmonious outer world.

After the video, head over to the facebook group and share your thoughts from today’s session.

To connect with Jemma, you can find her here:


Instagram: @jemma__stephens

Hi, my name is Jemma Stephens. I am an Intuitive Life Coach, Holistic Energy Healer and Spiritual Mentor passionate about helping people tap into their true inner wisdom to free themselves from the mundane to create more space, happiness and deeper meaning in their lives. I work with people helping them to reclaim their power and tap into their inner magic through working with the chakras and energy healing.

I have been on a personal health quest since 2013. What started out as a goal to lose excess chubb I’d piled on from my backpacker lifestyle of binge drinking, eating on the run and YOLO living, actually turned into an adventure of personal development, revelations on what it means to be truly healthy and alive!…

Through my own journey of self discovery, I have healed my deepest childhood wounds, moved out of the mind and opened my heart, ditched the unhealthy habits, cleared my body of toxins and learned the importance of self maintenance and self love. I feel happier, healthier and whole.

I am on the path of self-love, devoted to being the best version of myself and inspiring others to do the same. Raising consciousness, walking my path with courage, speaking my truth, allowing my heart to be fully open and to guide me to my highest excitements – living freely and fully in the present moment.

Gifts: I would like to offer £20 off a 90 minute distant Chakra Balance, energy healing + intuitive reading to the first 3 people who contact me with the code CHAKRA20.

Get in touch via my facebook page or email: balancememassage@gmail.com


Over the weekend we had some beautiful winners announced in the Facebook group:

Cat Zeme won a $50 ETSY voucher.

Melissa Wright won a copy of the invitation.

Stay tuned for more winner announcements.

If you’ve missed any sessions, please check out the schedule page.

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