Shamanic Expression with Heartsong

How are you feeling ladies? Day 12 and we have hit the finale!

THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU. I have so much gratitude to you for showing up, joining in and being open to changing your world.

What an amazing adventure this has been. I’ve very much enjoyed collaborating with all the beautiful women who have been the session guides on our journey.

I’m so grateful to all of them for their willingness to participate and the amazing sessions they have put forth for us.

Today’s session is with me. I’ll be taking you on an adventure into three energy centres to connect with all you have learned and been inspired by over this retreat. Together, we will explore what has come up for you through sound and colour.

Grab three colours that speak to you in any form you prefer. We’ll be working in the base chakra, heart chakra and crown chakra and exploring the shamanic directions related to them as we go. And once again THANK YOU FOR SHOWING UP!!!





I am Amanda Heartsong. I became a Shamanic Practitioner after tragedy and trauma helped me to awaken to the programming we are conditioned with. I currently reside in North Queensland on a 40 acre farm, enjoying the connection to nature and the land spirits there. I offer Power Animal Retrievals, Alchemical Healing and Akashic Record Readings. When I’m not hosting online retreats, helping others dance through their shadow sides and being a homeschooling mum, I can also be found singing on the stage with a local band. We are currently writing songs to be released and it’s a super exciting time!

To connect with me, pop by the facebook page

or send me an email here to connect directly.

If you have shared our retreat with your people over the last 12 days, keep a look out here as in the next week, I’ll be inviting 5 of you to join my Shamanic Expressions work shop on the 28th of October.

If you would like to register your interest to find out more about the workshop, please click here.

If you have missed any sessions that you would like to watch again please go to the schedule page.

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