Schedule Page

 Check in to this page if you have missed any sessions.

Wed 20 Sep 2017: Shamanic Senses Journal

Thur 21 Sep 2017: Red Thread Ceremony with Danie May 

Friday 22 Sep 2017: An Invitation for your awakening.

Sat 23 Sep 2017: Session One: Radical Self Care with the amazing Kate.

Sun 24 Sep 2017: Session Two: Coming back to who you are with fabulous Tiffany.

Mon 25 Sep 2017: Session Three: Be the Best You that You can Be with lovely Tania.

Tue 26 Sep 2017: Session Four: Heart Medicine Mandalas with our amazing Reanda.

Wed 27 Sep 2017: Session Five: Replacing behaviour patterns with gorgeous Zuzana.

Thu 28 Sep 2017: Session Six: Intentional Creativity – Nurturing the Goddess with fantabulous Danie May.

Fri 29 Sep 2017: Session Seven: Shit Free Revolution with Energy wielders Sandra and Rebecca.

Sat 30 Sep 2017: Session Eight: The Power of Gratitude with healing angel, Anna.

Sun 01 Oct 2017: Session Nine: Delving into your True and Authentic Self with the Goddess MariCris.

Mon 02 Oct 2017: Session Ten: Energy Healing with miraculous Jemma.

Tues 03 Oct 2017: Session Eleven: The Power of the Moontime and Yoni Crystals with Sensational Sydney

Wed 04 Oct 2017: Session Twelve: Amanda Heartsong, Shamanic Expression